Open House Interviews with Dwayne Jeffries

Open House Interviews with Dwayne Jeffries

Open House with Dwayne Jeffries explores life, faith and culture from a Christian perspective. Aiming to catalyse spiritual growth and motivate Christian action, each week's show includes compelling interviews, engaging talkback, film and media reviews, and expert opinion on the issues of the day. You'll hear inspiring stories of faith, grapple with the big questions of life, have a laugh, and catch the odd live music performance along the way.

Damien Thomlinson – War Hero and Aspiring Paralympian

The story of Damien Thomlinson, an Australian veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is one that continues to evolve and inspire people around the world. Here he shares candidly about joining the army, surviving a horrific accident, and embarking on a career as a Paralympian.

Play Now. Size: 6.98mb  |   Duration: 15:15  |   Date: 24/4/2014

ANZAC Day – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects many of our returning Australian soldiers. Doug Brewer, program coordinator of the PTSD program at Perth’s Hollywood Clinic, explains the symptoms and treatments for PTSD, while former Sergeant Major Paul Chapman, shares his PTSD recovery journey after returning from Afghanistan.

Play Now. Size: 8.43mb  |   Duration: 18:25  |   Date: 23/4/2014

Easter 2014 – Rev Dr Michael Jensen and Rev Dr Keith Garner

In this podcast, Rev Dr Michael Jensen answers the question “what’s so good about Good Friday?” We also speak with Rev Dr Keith Garner about Resurrection Sunday and the relevance of this miracle in contemporary Australian society.

Play Now. Size: 7.95mb  |   Duration: 17:22  |   Date: 17/4/2014

David Robertson – Magnificent Obsession

Pastor and author David Robertson has come across several people who have told him, “I would believe in Jesus if there was evidence.” In his latest book, Magnificent Obsession, he lays out the evidence that not only is Jesus real, but he is great.

Play Now. Size: 8.54mb  |   Duration: 18:40  |   Date: 17/4/2014

Jeremy Chapman – Organ Trafficking

Is it ever ok to buy an organ? What if the life of a loved one is hanging in the balance? Professor Jeremy Chapman OAM, answers this question and discusses the booming trade of illegal organ trafficking in Australia and abroad.

Play Now. Size: 5.37mb  |   Duration: 11:44  |   Date: 17/4/2014

'Sandra' – On Mission in China

Sandra was a single, teen mother, when she first felt the call on her life to do mission work in China. She’s an adoptive mother of abandoned Chinese children with disabilities, and has dedicate her life to rescue child soldiers through the work of Project AK47.

Play Now. Size: 11.21mb  |   Duration: 24:30  |   Date: 14/4/2014

Daniel Ferguson – Jerusalem

Daniel Ferguson’s epic IMAX documentary ‘Jerusalem’ is rewriting the way Christians, Muslims and Jews are seeing each other. This five-year labour of love will challenge your assumptions about the city that he says binds together the hopes of the world.

Play Now. Size: 6.12mb  |   Duration: 13:22  |   Date: 14/4/2014

Leisa Aitken - Boundaries Masterclass

Do you know when to say no? Clinical Psychologist Leisa Aitken steps us through how to set boundaries in relationships, and explains the dangers of over-functioning.

Play Now. Size: 7.22mb  |   Duration: 15:46  |   Date: 11/4/2014

Sally Collins – Stepmother Love

When Sally Collins fell in love with a man with two children, she went looking for advice and support for her new role as stepmother – but she couldn't find any! Sally decided to fill this information gap with Stepmother Love, a book that provides wisdom and inspiration to build positive and loving relationships between step-parents and step-children.

Play Now. Size: 5.63mb  |   Duration: 12:18  |   Date: 10/4/2014

Aussie Farmers – The Impact of Drought

It’s no secret that times are tough for our farmers. In this podcast we explore the impact of the drought on farmers and their families with Vice President of the National Farmers Federation, Christine Rolfe, researcher from the University of New England, Alison Kennedy, and Aussie Helpers founder, Brian Egan.

Play Now. Size: 11.90mb  |   Duration: 25:59  |   Date: 9/4/2014

Darren Rowse – Living the Good Life – Chasing Your Dreams

For the final instalment of our Living the Good Life conversation series, we speak with successful entrepreneur and professional blogger, Darren Rowse, about discovering and chasing your dreams.

Play Now. Size: 5.76mb  |   Duration: 12:35  |   Date: 8/4/2014

Huy Nguyen – Disability Advocate and Polio Survivor

ACT’s Young Australian of the Year, Huy Nguyen, is a humanitarian engineer, entrepreneur, disability advocate and polio survivor. He talks about his passion to create a more inclusive society in his home city of Canberra, and abroad.

Play Now. Size: 5.17mb  |   Duration: 11:18  |   Date: 7/4/2014
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