Open House Interviews with Dwayne Jeffries

Open House Interviews with Dwayne Jeffries

Open House with Dwayne Jeffries explores life, faith and culture from a Christian perspective. Aiming to catalyse spiritual growth and motivate Christian action, each week's show includes compelling interviews, engaging talkback, film and media reviews, and expert opinion on the issues of the day. You'll hear inspiring stories of faith, grapple with the big questions of life, have a laugh, and catch the odd live music performance along the way.

Gary Barkalow – Discover Your Calling in Life

Founder of Noble Heart Ministries, Gary Barkalow, has dedicated his life to helping people discover their calling. In this podcast, he discusses the difference between a calling and a career, and how both can complement each other.

Play Now. Size: 6.48mb  |   Duration: 14:10  |   Date: 24/7/2014

Dr Brian Miller – Science and Faith

Dr Brian Miller is a brilliant physicist with a gift of sharing his faith through science. He shares his personal discovery of faith, discusses intelligent design and creationism, and says everyone can relate to God through science.

Play Now. Size: 5.32mb  |   Duration: 11:37  |   Date: 22/7/2014

Dr Ben Carson – Gifted Hands

From a fatherless angry underachieving primary school student, to a pioneering neurosurgeon who rewrote medical history countless times, Ben Carson, recounts his childhood and a stellar career in medicine, then shares his vision for the future of America.

Play Now. Size: 13.35mb  |   Duration: 29:09  |   Date: 17/7/2014

Maryam & Marziyeh – Captive in Iran

In Iran, a country where promoting Christianity is a crime punishable by death, Maryam and Marziyeh chose to courageously share their faith. For this, they spent 259 days in Iran's notorious Evin Prison, but God used their time in jail to shine a light into one of the world's darkest places.

Play Now. Size: 11.47mb  |   Duration: 25:04  |   Date: 16/7/2014

Child Protection – Professor Freda Briggs & Melinda Tankard-Reist

Two Australians at the forefront of child protection share their powerful and confronting stories of child advocacy. Professor Freda Briggs AO was among the first in the world to ring the bell on child sexual abuse, and Melinda Tankard-Reist is a leading voice against the sexualisation of children.

Play Now. Size: 11.29mb  |   Duration: 24:40  |   Date: 15/7/2014

NAIDOC Week – Celebrating Aboriginal Faith & Culture

NAIDOC Week is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country. We speak with PhD candidate, Tanya Riches, who is connecting with urban Aboriginal communities as part of her research, and we have a special performance from the Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir led by Pastor Dave Armstrong.

Play Now. Size: 10.08mb  |   Duration: 22:01  |   Date: 14/7/2014

Clyde Campbell – Parkinson’s Disease

In 2009, Clyde Campbell was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 44. Since then, he’s been hard at work setting up the Shake It Up Australia foundation and connecting with the best doctors and scientists in the world to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

Play Now. Size: 5.79mb  |   Duration: 12:39  |   Date: 14/7/2014

John Stevens – Questions Christians Ask: How Can I Be Sure?

Open House catches up with Christian leaders all around the world to answer the tough questions Christians ask, tackling topics such as doubt, forgiveness and life after death. John Stevens from the UK answers the question: “How Can I Be Sure?”

Play Now. Size: 7.82mb  |   Duration: 17:05  |   Date: 20/6/2014

Ben Fielding – This I Believe

Hillsong worship leader and acclaimed song-writer, Ben Fielding is best known for his songs which are sung in churches all around the world. In this podcast, he shares his experiences as a Christian songwriter and the inspiration behind his latest song, This I Believe.

Play Now. Size: 5.75mb  |   Duration: 12:34  |   Date: 20/6/2014

Mary Forsythe – A Glimpse of Grace

From small town beginnings to success in the big city, then to prison – Mary Forsythe has experienced incredible highs and lows. She recounts finding redemption and experiencing the transforming power of God's grace.

Play Now. Size: 7.66mb  |   Duration: 16:44  |   Date: 19/6/2014

Mike McKinley – Questions Christians Ask: Did the Devil Make Me Do It?

Open House catches up with Christian leaders all around the world to answer the tough questions Christians ask, tackling topics such as doubt, forgiveness and life after death. Pastor Mike McKinley from the US answers the questions: “Did The Devil Make Me Do It?”

Play Now. Size: 6.09mb  |   Duration: 13:18  |   Date: 18/6/2014

Addiction: Work – ‘Pamela’ from Workaholics Anonymous and Greg Foyster

Pamela talks about the “dark night” when she came to the realisation that she was a workaholic and her journey out of work addiction. Author Greg Foyster shares tales from his bicycle ride up the Australian east coast to discover the simple life.

Play Now. Size: 14.05mb  |   Duration: 30:42  |   Date: 17/6/2014
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