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Listen to Hope 103.2

You can listen to Christian Radio - Hope 103.2, Inspire Digital and FRESH - no matter when you are! Our radio player and mobile apps let you stream our Christian radio stations with music, teaching, and conversations.


Listen on Mac or PC

If you're looking to listen to Hope 103.2, Inspire Digital or FRESH on your PC or Mac, we recommend you use the Hope 103.2 Radioplayer.


Listen on your iPhone with our free app

Download your Hope Media Radio Player station app for free. Listen live to Hope 103.2, Inspire Digital, FRESH Radio and Christmas Hope on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the Hope Media Radio Player. 

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Listen on your Android with our free app

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download the Hope Media Radio Player station app for free. Listen live to Hope 103.2, Inspire Digital, FRESH Radio and Christmas Hope on your Android phone or tablet with the Hope Media Radio Player.

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Listen on other devices

We also broadcast in a variety of formats for Wi-fi radios which are available from people like Sonos, PURE, Roku, Logitech and more. You can find the links to our streams below. 

Listen to Hope 103.2 on other devices

AAC+ 64k:

MP3 80k:


Listen to Inspire Digital on other devices

AAC+ 64k:

MP3 80k:


Listen to FRESH Radio on other devices

AAC+ 64k:

MP3 80k:

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