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If you love eating alfresco, you’re now safe to do it smoke-free, thanks to a new ban on smoking in commercial outdoor dining areas across NSW. Read more >

If you know what you want to do in life, are you actually doing it? If you don’t know what you are called do, are your doing anything to help you discover your pu ... Read more >

A collection of inspirational stories that came out of June Appeal 2015, of how the station has impacted people's lives. Read more >

The Song That Changed My Life Thursday, 2 July 2015

A collection of amazing stories from Hope listeners, about the moments when their lives were touched and changed by a song... Read more >

Brian Houston talks candidly about a PTSD diagnosis, depression, his new book, and dealing with the glare of the media. Read more >

Hope 103.2 staff, volunteers and listeners are celebrating this evening after exceeding the Hope 103.2  June Appeal target. The tally sits at $1,104,753. Read more >

Hope 103.2 exists for you, but we can't exist without you. In this final week of June, as the Hope 103.2 Tally Room opens and we share with you the funding needs of the ... Read more >

Asta Lavista babies! Its all death rays, laser scans and parallel universes in this weeks episode of The Big Picture. Ben and Mark look at the 30 year longevity of the  ... Read more >

Struggling to get your kids to listen? Try these seven simple tips from parenting researcher and author Dr Justin Coulson. Read more >

Grieving relatives of those killed in last week’s horrific massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, have expressed forgiveness to the suspected gunman. Read more >

A group of Aussie basketballers broke a world record this week with an astonishing trick shot - in the name of Compassion. Read more >

Hillsong United proved their talent and passion when they created an impromptu Jessie J-style worship song on live radio... Read more >

Hawaiian surfer Bethany Hamilton, better known to fans as the “Soul Surfer”, has announced the birth of her first child... Read more >

Single mum Abby Grimes shares how she gets through the toughest of days... Read more >

Despite years of rejection & loneliness due to her disability, Salma Abdo has joy & hope. Read more >

Karen Pang has appeared in films like Superman, Danny Deckchair and The Nugget, but is best known to parents as a Playschool presenter. She shares about acting, faith, and the challenges of mental illness.  Read more >

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