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Hope 103.2 - Bring back the wave Friday, 27 March 2015

The people of Sydney have spoken – it’s time to bring back the wave. Early this week the Hope 103.3 team received a letter from a regular listener, Sean, who as ... Read more >

Through 4 years of soul-searching to now become an unexpected ambassador for women in business and Start-Up innovation, the COLLECTIVE Founder and Editor-in-Chief Lisa Messe ... Read more >

We're looking for volunteers to be a part of our dynamic phone and administration team during June Appeal 2015.  While the on-air team broadcast live from the tally Ro ... Read more >

After hosting the breakfast show for 10 years, Aaron Wright is not easily replaced. The Management team at Hope 103.2 have begun a mission to search for just the right perso ... Read more >

Health: How's your sleep life? Thursday, 12 March 2015

Getting a good night sleep can be a daily battle for soem, struggling to rest well each night and waking feeling groggy and irritable. There are many factors that contr ... Read more >

Stock Exchange for Dummies Thursday, 5 March 2015

Entering into the stock market can be scary, exciting and confusing. Thankfully Roger Montgomery, author of Value Able, has popped into Open House to help out beginner inves ... Read more >

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Wavebassador - Hope 103.2

To Merging and Not Waving, Sydney Says No

You Voted: Bring Back the Wave - Hope 103.2

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